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I jumped the gun and set up a this  site yesterday at: https://sec4lib.wordpress.com/

I didn’t realize that Blake Carver with http://lisnews.com  already had a sophisticated site and a list with a very similar name up a running.  I am reposting his info here to help advertise his site:

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 8:43 PM, Blake Carver <lists@lisnews.com> wrote:
Oh! Glad to see so much interest, this has been a big topic for me lately.
I have a new(ish) site and list running at http://security4lib.org/
The list is here:
I set that site up a few months ago, but never had time to finish
things up, so if anyone is interested in contributing to the site or
the wiki or anything else let me know.
I’ve been writing and presenting on IT Security for Libraries for a
while now, you can find my writings and slides on LISNews:
 -Blake Carver

I will be leaving this WordPress site up as a place for contributors who want to publish their thoughts and research on library infosec.  I have a few papers that I have written that I will be sharing soon once I finish out this semester.